About STA

A family owned business founded in Cairo, Egypt in 1958. Dalydress originated in the 1980’s and has grown from what was initially a wholesale business to one of Egypt’s best loved and most successful clothing retailers. Dalydress is one of the leading brands within the Shamsi Group portfolio of companies. Other brands include 2Play, Rene Derhy, Shatex Home. More information regarding these brands can be found at their respective websites.
- Over 3500 employees, across 6 companies and assets with a Market Value in excess of 500 million L.E.
- 44 Retail Outlets, 6 factories.
- Leading Retailer, Distributor, Textile and Garment Manufacturer in the Region.
Shamsi Group known as SETA HOLDINGS operates under 3 divisions namely:
    - Textiles and Industrial division
    - Ready Made Garments – Industrial division
    - Retail division
A New identity of SHAMSI Group (SETA Holdings) was conducted in JANUARY 2006 with OASIS CAPITAL
Corporate Values:
Training and Development Programs Constant commitment to our customer’s Permanent business commitment to:
      -Product Design and manufacturing
      -Store Design
      -Customer Service at Sale Point
      -After Sale Management
      -Sales and advertising policies 



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